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Product Model: GEP-18B
Product Name: Autoclave          Product Model: GEP-18B

Product name :Three Times Of Pre-Vacuum Sterilizer
Product Specifications:YS-3PV-18L
Power:  1.7 KW   
Voltage/Frequency:  220V/50Hz ( Can Supply other Power)
Product Size(L×W×H):660mm x 445mm x 390mm
Volume:  18L
Chamber Size: Φ250mm×350mm
Distance between foot pads of product(L×W):460mm x 320mm
(Min dimensions of table)
Working Process:
Product Cycle Time(min):
Total time
134°C  Wrap
134°C  Unwrap
121°C  Wrap
121°C  Unwrap
Note: These data are from  no-load condition.  Only Member can know more.
Product Features:
1. Class B autoclave
2. Automatic running
3. Adjustable sterilizing time
4. Quickly sterilize
5. Can keep temperature for next quickly sterilizing.
6. B&D Test
7. Helix test passed
8. Easy to maintaince
9. Easy to operate
Package:Wooden Case   
Package Size(L×W×H):720mm x 500mm x 445mm
N.W. :   45 KG                  
G.W. :    53  KG
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Dental Unit Dental Unit
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Dental Bib & Bed sheet Dental Bib & Bed sheet
X-Ray Unit X-Ray Unit
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Disposable tools Disposable tools
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